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Donadoni appointed as Italy coach
July 14, 2006, 2:32 am
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Former AC Milan midfielder Roberto Donadoni has been names as the new Italy coach.

Donadoni, who resigned as Livorno coach midway through last season, is highly rated but has limited coaching experience in Serie A and filling Lippi’s shoes will be an enormous challenge.

The Italian ended his career in UAE playing for Al-Ittihad at the age of 37.


FIFA release new world rankings
July 12, 2006, 2:53 pm
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Champions Italy have moved to second place, moving 11 places , right behind Brazil who are still on top. On the other hand, previous 2nd place holder Czech dropped 8 places into 10th.

Hosts Germany moved 10 places up and are 9th.

Argentina are third, moving 6 places up, while France(+4) and England(+5) are fourth and fifth.

Other top teams who dropped places are Spain(-2), Portugal(-1), the Netherlands(-3) and the USA(-11).

One of the biggest movers are Ukraine, who moved 30 places up to 15th.

While the worst losers are Saudi Arabia who lost 47 places and are 81st.

Top 10










10-Czech Republic

Top 10 Arab teams

1-Egypt (29th, -12)

2-Tunisia (31st, -11)

3-Morocco (40th, -4)

4-Qatar (76th, +2)

5-Libya (79th, +7)

6-Saudi Arabia (81st, -47)

7-Oman (86th, -4)

8-Iraq (88th, -36)

9-UAE (90th, -19)

10-Algeria (93rd, -6)

Note: Bahrain are 94th and lost 40 places, while Kuwait are 100th losing 26 places.

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