Footy In A Week

Quick overview..

Since I have not been able to post new stuff on the blog, here’s a quick overview of what has been happening around:

* Fiorentina and Lazio are back into Serie A, after both clubs appealed against the original ruling. They also had their points deduction reduced. Same goes to Juventus and AC Milan, as both had point deduction reduced as well, but Juventus are still dropping to Seria B, though they have a bettech chance on returning to Seria A next season. While AC Milan are now given back their spot in the Champions League (official declarion awaited). Inter Milan were also handed over last season’s 2005/2006 league title.

* Ruud Van Nistelrooy switched to Real Madrid afterall, after I had initially reported it two weeks ago.

* Valencia striker Mista has signed for Atletico Madrid, while Fernando Torres has declared that he will be staying at Atletico.

* Manchester United have signed Tottenham and English international midfielder Michael Carrick for 18m pounts.

* Chealse sold both Del Horno (to Valencia) and Duff (to Newcastle), while Liverpool gave up on Daniel Alves and signed Jermaine Pennant.


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kuyt to liverpool, even though i dont see him as the striker that liverpool needs

Comment by Yazeed

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tara the season started 3 weeks ago
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