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Computer Simulation of Zidane’s headbutt
July 22, 2006, 1:46 am
Filed under: Misc., Video, World Cup 2006

I’ve been contacted by NaturalMotion, an Oxford based technology company. They have an AI software called endorphin, which as I can understand from, simulates body movements accurately. They used it to create a rather entertaining simulation of Zidane/Materazzi headbutt.

They suggested I take a look at it and share it with you.

I guess what I could tell from the video is that, Zidane’s headbutt was a painful one!

My thanks go to Scotti McGowan, who represents NaturalMotion, for contacting Footy In A Week.


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shakla it did hurt!! wayid ;p
i loved it yistahil a7san ma7ad gala esib al nas!

Comment by no3ik

Zidane became even more famous due to his infamous headbutt!!

The whole world is talking about it. They stopped talked about the world cup, but they r still talking about his headbutt… Waaaaay to go Zidane!!!

Comment by Bella Color

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