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Juve prepare for relegation
July 10, 2006, 8:05 pm
Filed under: Italian League, Transfer Market

Todays reports are claiming that a decision has already been made with both Juventus AND Milan relegated. An official decision is yet to be announced, but is expected today as announced previously.

Relegation of Milan will mean Kaka might be available to move to Real Madrid, as it’s new president Calderon planned. On the other hand, Juventus seem to be preparing for relegation by the sale of 27 year old Romanian striker Mutu for £5.5m to Fiorentina, while 20-year old Bulgarian international Valeri Bojinov is moving to other way as part of the deal.

UPDATE: News just came in that Juventus has signed Didier Deschamps as their new manager, the club had announced. The Frenchman aslo signed a two-year deal, supporting the claims of the inevitable drop of the club to a lower league, and perhaps even to Serie C.


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my friend is a die hard italian, he said if italy won the world cup the government will forget about the scandal and “shove it under the carpet” i surely hope not 😛

Comment by Yazeed

The though did cross my mind, but if the clubs go unpunished, it would set a bad example for the rest of the world, and maybe punishments from UEFA/FIFA

Comment by Carlsb3rg

Cool news… Means will c A great player that can really replace Zidane in Real Madrid… I wanna KaKa to be their

Juventus might go to Serie B if they didn’t argue anymore but hey that’s good news cause InterMilan is having a real chance to do it

Comment by ZiZoTiMe

Inter Milan will have a real shot at next season’s title, as well as the last two season’s titles, as Juventus would be stripped of the two titles.

Comment by Carlsb3rg

did massimo moratti quit inter?
cause we can finally say that its inter’s year 😛

Comment by Yazeed

this messes everythn up now no juve ….na man n no milan na either 2 of the greatest teams in the world are sinking we might not even hear of them for years i say they take the title away fro juve but no relagate them

Comment by mo0se

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