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Congratulations Italians.. only Italians
July 10, 2006, 5:45 pm
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I’ve been skimming through Kuwait Blog’s Aggregator, and noticed how most of the bloggers just turned out to be hardcore fans of Italy. A few days ago everyone was Portuguese. It reminded me also how the majority of Kuwaitis turned out to be Barcelona supporters, and how 75% of them used to support Real Madrid before.

In the football world, there is a term that describes these people. They are called glory hunters.

A glory hunter is a derogatory term used as a form of insult towards people who are, or who are suspect to, supporting a particular football club due to its size, quality and/or popularity in the media. Glory hunters usually live outside the town where a particular team is from, and may, in fact, live in a different country altogether. This practice is an example of the bandwagon effect. Glory hunting has arrived with the advent of regularly televised football (Like Al-Jazeera in Barcelona glory hunters’ case)


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ur right !
i didnt like it ;p
heheheheh well im not a glory hunter ;p im no3i
and im a arngetenian in heart always been always will be.

the reasons i wanted italy to win are:
a- their hotter than the frech.
b- their outfits were very fancy, the material and the gold prints!!! i loved it.
c- my fav country is italy – milan-

so there u go …. not a hunter what soever..
im simply a fan… no no
im a -GIRL- fan πŸ˜‰

but nice post πŸ˜‰

Comment by no3ik

hahahha.. very defensive.. feeling guilty? Elle 3ala rasa ba67a yet7asas 3aleha ;p

Comment by Carlsb3rg

You’re 100% right… People these days will be with the winning team and as u said the best example is barca

I wanted it Italy to win but I won’t change my team… It’s something deep inside my heard… England πŸ™‚

Comment by ZiZoTiMe

well said
i too have noticed all of the sudden everyone is italian, i am not saying all of them are like what u said, but i would say the majority are

i got an arabic term for glory hunters—>aljazeera fans πŸ˜› when aljazeera got the spanish league EVERYBODY was either a madrid or Barca supporter (mostly madrid in the first season aljazeera had it)
when Barca won it, MOST people became Barca Supporters.
If u cant name 22 players (at least) in a football team (club-wise), i dont consider you a fan. thats the way i see it πŸ˜›

Comment by Yazeed

oh… i forgot to tell you about my roommate (a saudi)
not really a football fan, he didnt watch even 1/4 of the matches, ilmohem he doesnt care about football that much.
anyways he knew that i was french from the start, my jersey proves that:P
il mohim when italy beat germany, hes like yeah! yeah! even though its like the first full match he watched in the world cup (he missed two saudi matches!!!)
when the final began hes like we will beat you! i’m like what? whose we? hes like ITALY!!! i’m like u? italian?
hes like yeah, they are my favorite team. since when? since the beginning he says. i’m like name 3 players from italy! hes like ummm totti, veiri (!!!!!!!!!!) and um um um luigi (wtf?) giltla etha 3indik ba3da gool, he didnt know anyone else and two out of the three he named are not in the team!

the problem is that he says that the match was equal for both, i was like why, he replied: cause each team scored once! ………no comment!

typical aljazeera fan!

Comment by Yazeed

I am however a diehard Italian fan since the beginning, therefore I am not a glory hunter πŸ˜›

Comment by Jackie

There you go, living example from Yazeed. Couldn’t have given a better example dude.

again.. elle 3ala rasa ba67a, yet7asas 3aleha πŸ™‚

Comment by Carlsb3rg

i’ve been an italian fan since i’ve known football: 1994. so i guess i’m no glory hunter, they failed in that specific worldcup. and i could have easily switched to brazilian o raya7t rasi.

Comment by vintage

i would safely say that 99% of brazil fans are glory hunters
90% for madrid
80% for barca, if ronaldinho leaves, they’ll leave too.

for me
i’ve been an arsenal fan since 94, when i was in london and saw a match on tv, it went to penalties, and seaman was great, thats why i started liking them.
the france thing started in 96, grew in 97 when i saw what zidane can do (i didnt think he would headbutt someone in the end! πŸ˜› )

Comment by Yazeed

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