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World Cup babes – Part XIV
July 7, 2006, 12:59 am
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maybe if our fans dressed a bit more like that our team wouldn’t suck so bad :p

Comment by Tinkerbell

On the contrary.. If our fans dressed like that then neither the teams or the male fans will be willing to even think about football..

The third pic is WOW!!!

Comment by MvYv


You can say that again ;p

Comment by Carlsb3rg

lol finally a french girl makes the cut

yala shid 7ailik ma biga shay oo in5al9

Comment by Yazeed

Ok ok ok, I admit they are goood loooking 😉

Comment by Bella Color

hehe.. yeah i estimate two more parts to go ;p

Comment by Carlsb3rg

looooooooL embade3 men wain etyeb hal pics man hehe

Anyway kan kel shy normal until I reached the Iranian girl… eshlon e6laa3at chethy hathy men Iran? looool 😉

Cool pics as usual

Comment by ZiZoTiMe

Wow! Just wow! Keep up the amazing work! Even after the world cup! hehehe!

Comment by Marzouq

I can now safely say I’ve seen more hot Iranians on pictures of world cup girls on a blog than i have in real life

awesome, as usual 🙂

Comment by nass64

Marzouq, lol sa3ba.. bas inshalla Euro 2008 ;p

nass64, Zizotime, do not underestimate the iranian beauty, I’d bet she’s from Sheraz ;p

Comment by Carlsb3rg

The English defence is spectacular! The World Cup is always a delight for the eyes. I’m an english journalist reporting from Germany, and I had the opportunity to meet some really breathtaking fans in Berlin (I’ll post their pics in my blog soon).

By the way, if you want to read expert comments of the games, you can visit my blog: FIFA World Cup – Germany 2006: Unofficial blog

Comment by Jay Tylor (World Cup Journalist in Germany)


(deeeed deeeeed)

traffic :p traffic hauh 😉

lol love the pics, very hotty,
but i have to say! my guys are hottier ;p

Comment by no3ik

hahaayy!.. whatever ;p

Comment by Carlsb3rg

So Hot…it hurts!!

Comment by Fallen Angel

Yazeed, is that the best they can do? ;p

Comment by Carlsb3rg

yazeeeez no !!! dont even try

those chicks only look as good as they do because theyre in carls blog !! ;p

i found me my own chick now:

mashalllah 3laiha ;p

so yazeeez u can have urs now all for ur self 😉

Comment by no3ik

yazeez !! lol

dont even try, these chicks only look hot coz theyre in carls blog ;p

i dont know why!! the fact that pics were in an arabic blog @@ arabic comments!! seemed distrubing, bit perverted !! eeew x\

Comment by no3ik

Thank you for your compliments, and sorry for the spam inconvenience ;p

Comment by Carlsb3rg

la la its ok carls :p
etmoon 😉

Comment by no3ik

Ok Euro 2008 and Africa 2010!! LOL!

Comment by Marzouq

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