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Young player to watch – Juan Carlos Chera
June 8, 2006, 3:06 pm
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He's 137cm tall and weighs 35 Kg. Oh ya and he's 10 years old. Around the world he's known as 'The next coming of Pele', in his town he's called 'Maradona', but he simply likes to be called 'Anderson', a nickname his parents gave him. In January 2005, a video was released by his old youth club, Associacao Desportiva Atletica, showing off his skills from age 6, sparking huge interest and hype. The Brazilian kid is an excellent dribbler and possesses a sharp finishing touch. He launches missiles with his left foot and he skillfully makes players years older than him look stupid with either foot. His youth club's team president said about him: "He’s a phenomenon, probably the best player to come out of Brazil.” Following the release of his video, Juan Carlos attracted interest from top European clubs like, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, Porto and Inter Milan. But Brazilian club Santos beat all the European clubs, and he currently trains with them. His favorite soccer club is Barcelona and Ronaldinho is his role model.

Did I mention he's 10? 


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Add this kid with one in the ad you posted a few weeks ago and you’ve got yourself an amazing combination. LOL
This kid is great. But how he matures at this young age is vital if he is to become a great player. He needs to have positive influence from the people around him.
He might become my sons football icon. :p

Comment by aldaihani

he surely has talent no question about it. The important thing he should learn is team play and like you said mature the right way.

Comment by Carlsb3rg

heeey !!
i know nothing bout soccer.. but i can tell
hes going to be a legend !!
i cant wait for him to grow up :p so cool
mashallah ! and hes only 10 !!

Comment by no3ik

heheh.. yeah that’s quite possible, but i dont get why you can’t wait for him to grow up ;p

glad you to took a look at my blog, it’s nice to have female readers for a change ;p
you could always learn about the football world here ;D

oh ya.. and the first lesson, it’s called football ;p

Comment by Carlsb3rg

whats the difference ( soccer – football)
lol omg i feel like a total idiot x[ !!!
u know grow up be like those pros, batistuta, ronaldo, beckham … !!! lol i suck at this, dont i ?? ;p
any way thanks for the lesson 😉

Comment by no3ik

hahahahha, oh no come on. Comments like yours are expected from women, so it’s pretty normal ;p

Soccer and football are the same, but Americans use soccer to distinguish from american football. Soccer is an abbreviation for Association Football.

Anyway, at least you know some player names 😛

Comment by Carlsb3rg

That boy would be a great signing for celtic as everyone knows how much celtic like young boys

Comment by David Bennie

Sounds like a great player.

Comment by fred333

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