Footy In A Week

To summarize it all..

Okay I have to admit that those crazy rumours linking everyone with everyone else are starting to annoy me a bit. So from now on, I'll ignore any rumours that include Van Nistelrooy, Shevchenko or any swap deals that include Chelsea and Milan!

Anyway, yeah I'm to lazy today to write detailed posts on every news, so I'll just summarize what happened in the last 12 hours:

* Arsenal are expected to announce that Henry has signed a new 4-year contract, ending any speculation that he might leave to Milan, Madrid or Barcelona. I will also assume that all went good with the contract signing and that Arsenal have made the press conference so I don't have to write about it later. Now Shevchenko has to do the same thing and 'yefekna' from the daily rumours, especially since now Drogba wants to leave, so yeah.. more swap deals including Drogba and Sheva.

* Staying with Arsenal, Pires is still hoping for a two-year contract after holding talks with Wenger. He will make a decision on his future next week. According to the player, he has three other offers in addition to Villarreal offer, and I'm guessing one of them is from Valencia and a French club.

* New Spurs signing Dimitar Berbatov has announced that he turned down an offer from Manchester United. Seems like no one (Ballack did the same) wants to work for Fergie haha!

* Bayern Munich is another club that will be active in the transfer market after Ze Roberto, Ballack, Lizarazu and Jeremies all will leave/left the club.

* Seems like Van Basten was right when he told Liverpool defender Jan Kromkamp that it wasn't a right move for his career. Rumours are saying that Benitez will sell him to Ajax to make way from Sevilla Brazilian Dani Alves.


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