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The Rumour Mill – Ruud and Chelsea’s garage sale
May 10, 2006, 1:24 pm
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Ruud's aftermath

Nistelrooy's axe on the Premiership's last day, means Manchester United will be linked with every striker(that match their transfer kitty, as only Chelsea can be linked with with every player on the face of the earth) out there. And that also means that Nistelrooy will be linked with every club out there. So in light of these events:

Manchester United are tabling a 21m euro plus Nistelrooy bid for Atletico Madrid's Fernando Torres. With Ferguson still looking for a Roy Keane replacement, it's hard to see Manchester pay that sum of money, as they also don't have a big transfer kitty(according to the Glazer family).
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Former Liverpool manager assistant Phil Thompson, has said that he wouldn't be surprised if current Liverpool manager tables a bid for Nistelrooy. The special thing about Rafa Benitez is that he doesn't care where the player comes from. If he thinks he will be good for the team, and the price is not crazy, he will get him. But considering that Ferguson will probably over price Ruud, and how the two teams are rivals, it's hard to see Ruud move to Anfield even if he wants to.
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Nistelrooy is also linked to AC Milan, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. And I think that one of those club will possibly be his destination as he would like a new challenge.
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Some newspapers say that he might return to Holland back to PSV. Could be possible as he said that he would like to finish his career there, but Ruud is at his peak so he's probably off to Spain/Italy.
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Podolski to replace Ballack

Lukas Podolski, a 20 year old young rising German star, is rumoured to be set for a move to Bayern Munich. Lukas has also handed a transfer request to his current relegated club Cologne. The player is still young, and would probably want to stay in Germany. He wouldn't miss out on a move to Bayern, unless one of the other rivals like Bremen, Hamburg and Leverkusen try to get him, especially that he's transfer listed, so he wouldn't be expensive to get.
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Chelsea garage sale

Mourinho has already mentioned that he's going to bring three players, forward, midfield and defence. Unless Roman Abramovic tries to personally brinh additional players himself. But it's yet to be seen if three new players means three old players leaving or even more.

The most likey forward to leave is Crespo, who's probable destionation will be Italy. Reports are already emerging that Crespo might be in a part exchange deal that includes Shevchenko moving to the other side. Roman Abramovich is said to be offering the Ukrainian a five-year, £120,000-a-week contract. The Times also repots that Shevchenko was declined a two-year extension, though his current contract ends in 2009.

Crespo to Italy. Rate 4/5
Shevchenko to Chelsea. Rate 2/5

Eidur Gudjohnsen and Shauwn-Wright Phillips(SWP) also look like on their way out. The latter being linked with Liverpool mostly. But a few facts raise on that rumour, the price and Mourinho's willingness to sell to a rival. It's already been rumoured that Liverpool are ready to pay a club record 14m pounds. This one is 50-50.
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William Gallas is another player moving out of Stamford Bridge. The player has been complaining about playing out of position and has recently admitted that he will be leaving Stamford Bridge in the summer. Reports are saying that AC Milan have already tabled a bid. They also require some fresh blood as they will lose Jaap Stam in the summer after he agreed a two-year deal with Ajax. Gallas is also linked with Juventus and Barcelona, and could complete his switch to the San Siro before the World Cup Finals.
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Well Nistelrooy is definitely leaving. His destination is still unkown, the Torres link seems believable, as I have read reports that Torres’ agent told him that he has to leave this summer to a bigger club, and probably Athletico dont want to sell him to their fierce rivals or any club in Spain, its rare to see a big star leaving to a club in the same country.

Chelsea-wise, I dont see the reason to sell Crespo, I dont know why Mourinho hates him, to me his is better than Drogoba. He might also be better than Ruud, if he had a chance to actually play for a while. I heard that he wanted to leave to Argentina during the January window. He wanted to buy out the rest of his contract, which ends next summer, and end his playing career in Argentina, but Chelsea declined his request. They totally ruined his career, the same way they did to SWP (check this article,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=179&cntnt01origid=30&cntnt01returnid=42)
I think they will get the French Player of the year, they still didnt give out that prize, i think, but Essien won it last year, and Drogoba the year before, so its only logical that they will do that this year too πŸ˜›
Players are now realizing that going to Chelsea is not as nice as it used to be, sure they got money, but when will you play? Many players out there are looking for money, and its on their top of their list, but i dont think any of them wants to sit on the bench for most of the time. That is whats happening now, the only reason SWP is not in the world cup squad is because of that.
It will be interesting to see who will move to chelsea, Shevchenco’s request to renew his contract with the SAME SALARY he is receiving now is certainly weird, I dont know what this means, but I hope it doesnt mean that he is moving, that will be A HUGE, mistake on Milan’s part as he is irreplaceable.
I also heard that Wenger wants Gallas at Arsenal if he got the chance, he wants an experienced defender that will help develop the young defenders he has now. It will also be interesting to see who Arsenal get, they made a lot of money this year (check this article,
I cant wait for this transfer season. World Cup summers always come out with a lot of big transfers, anything can happen. Its going to be interesting.

Comment by Yazeed

I agree that Chelsea is a bad destination for youngsters who want to further their career by moving to a bigger club.

As for summer rumours, alot of it is just fabricated like most of the english newspapers do. They just pick a name, pick a club, and some reason for the player wanting to leave, and wham.. you got a rumour.

Example, Eto’o is fed up with racist chants so he wants to move to Chelsea.

Also, transfers in world cup years is tricky. As sometimes managers would decide to buy a potential player before the world cup to avoid price inflation, so not all clubs wait till the wc ends.

Comment by Carlsb3rg

man eto’o is going to al ittihad in saudi shfeek πŸ˜›

Comment by Yazeed

yeah he’ll feel at home there ;p

Comment by Carlsb3rg

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