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The Metatarsal injury
May 5, 2006, 2:50 pm
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Metatarsal The Metatarsal bone consist of five long bones located in the foot. The injury that is now usually associated with football, got it's fame when David Beckham suffered a broken metatarsal in April 2002 during a Champions League game between Manchester United and Deportivo, which made Beckham at risk to be ruled out of the World Cup 2002 at that time. Other high profile names that suffered the injury include Wayne Rooney (twice now), Gary Neville, Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard, and not to mention other names through out Europe.

Some people have blamed the training methods of a club, some have blamed the shoes, and others said it's the pace of the game. But to correct all these blames, training methods have actually developed and helped reduce possible injuries, such as tendon injuries which have been greatly reduced. Football shoes have been greatly improved to fit and shape the foot for best performance. Shoes like Nike's Mercurial Vapor III consist of fibers that shape and fit the foot, and protect the heel. That leaves the pace of the game, which does contribute to 'any' injury. The game has become more demanding and players are expected to be athletes before they are footballers.

But you might think, why the injury wasn't known until now? Hype.. like what happened with Beckham and now Rooney, especially as in both cases, their place in the World Cup was at risk. And for your information, the metatarsal injury has been present since 1850, and at that time it was called the march fracture due to recruits being given heavy boots and told to march 70 kilometres.

The bottom line is, the injury could happen to anyone, even to non-athletes. But like any injury, heavy duty and overuse makes any injury more possible to occur.



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