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Top 10 worst EPL signings this season
May 4, 2006, 7:24 pm
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An aging player is not always a bargain. A teenage sensation doesn't always develope into a world class player. A loan deal does not mean it has to be made into a permanent deal. And most importantly, if you have Roman 'Sugar Daddy' Abramovic as club owner millions, it doesn't mean you offer multiple figures to anyone!

Norman Hubbard from Soccernet names the worst 10 signings at the end of each season so here are the 10 of the 2005/2006 season:

10. Abel Xavier (Middlesbrough, free)

9. Zvonimir Vukic (Portsmouth, loan)

8. Per Kroldrup (Everton, £5million)

7. Diomansy Kamara (West Brom, £1.5million)

6. Walter Pandiani (Birmingham, £3million)

5. Wilfred Bouma (Aston Villa, £3.5million)

4. Jon Stead (Sunderland, £1.8million)

3. Shaun Wright-Phillips (Chelsea, £21million)

2. Asier del Horno (Chelsea, £8million)

1. Albert Luque (Newcastle, £9.5 million)



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ahm shay no arsenal player is up there
and i think ur glad liverpool didnt fuck up too, even though they bought a lot of players this summer,
doesnt crouch suck? espcially at the price liverpool paid for him?

Comment by Yazeed

Peter Crouch? Now way dude! Although he isn’t exactly a goal machine, he does provide set ups for other players, but it’s not good playing him as a lone striker. Alot of goals for Liverpool came through his assists, and I think he’s gonna be in the English squad for the world cup for sure. Though I admit he was a little bit pricey.

Comment by Carlsb3rg

he had 5 goals and 6 assists this season in the league, thats not that impressive for a striker, thats in 37 games!

Comment by Yazeed

He scored 5 goals in the league, but 12 in all competitions, and probably more assists than 6. Still not high yes, but he probably missed like 20 goals(on target), which means he can get there. Anyway, me and Rafa are happy with him ;p and so is Ericsson.

Comment by Carlsb3rg

shakla he is another chris sutton
went from a shitty club, to a big one
both are tall
both were bought at a high price
both sucked
but one sutton left for celtic, he did really well, and is still doing well, so its time for crouch to move one, i’ll give him another year.

u got to admit that liverpool’s strike force, excluding cisse, suck, and suck bad, more goal were scored this season by defenders and midfielders than the strikers, mainly because cisse didnt play often,
i dont know why rafa doesnt play him, hes the kind of player that rafa cant afford to leave him on the bench. thats why, atleast the way i see it, liverpool couldnt really challenge chelski this season, imagine what would have happened if they won 3-4 extra games!

Comment by Yazeed

I think the problem with crouch that his move was over hyped, and therefore alot has been expected from the player. Any player who doesn’t do well in a season might be considered for sale in the next season.

You’re right about the strike force. Although Cisse might have the least appearances, he is the top scorer between the forwards. Cisse is a good player with good ability and pace, but he lacks in the tactics and desicions department, and that frustrates Benitez. The situation with Baros was identical.

Benitez will bring at least one new forward, with Morientes and Cisse candidates to be shown the door. Kuyt, Bent or Defoe are thought to be the most likely replacements. Sinama-Pongolle will probably be sold too, and Fowler’s extension is still vivid, personally though I would let him stay for at least a season.

Anyway, I think things are looking good for Liverpool. They have achieved more points than the previous seasons, and have closed the gap between them and Chelsea.

Comment by Carlsb3rg

Just read that Flower got a one year contract 😀

Comment by Carlsb3rg

ops I mean fowler ;p

Comment by Carlsb3rg

Very interesting, On the ball hoho. Happy New year, take Care.

Comment by Peter

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