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The art of scoring an own goal
May 3, 2006, 3:57 pm
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I must say, own goals are sometimes more spectacular than your usual goals. Players manage to get it in their own net from such fantastic angles, that it would seem impossible on the other side of the pitch. And sometimes own goals are just plain funny and dumb. The goal was scored by Chris Brass in a match between Bury and Darlington (English League Two).


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mabrook man
seems like u stole my idea!!!
wanna do something together for the world cup?

Comment by Yazeed

Thanks dude!

LOL, I wouldn’t say I stole your idea!:P Besides, your idea was a world cup page, I haven’t done that.. yet ;p

I think the best word is encouraged by your idea, to start something of my own. And honestly I did think about blogging about football ‘BEFORE’ I read your intention of a WC page.

Anyway, I would be happy to work on something together.. what do you have in mind?

Comment by Carlsb3rg

lol i was kidding dude

anyways, theres lots to do for the world cup, theres this fantasy league that we could invite visitors to join, u got games every single day (almost) so theres a lot to report on that, we could do a goal of day things.
lots of things
what do u think?

Comment by Yazeed

I’m up for anything really! 😀
But how exactly are we going to collaborate? joint blog? something like mark and nat in 248am?

Comment by Carlsb3rg

i’ll creat one, like (i cant design one though, maybe a header with the WC2006 logo) and we will both be authors for it.

Comment by Yazeed

okay thats great 😀

Comment by Carlsb3rg

i’ll be in touch after my finals
i’ll be done on may 11th
and i’ll do something around that time

Comment by Yazeed

Sure alright. Good luck on your finals 🙂

Comment by Carlsb3rg

thanks…….i need it

Comment by Yazeed

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